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  • A step-by step guide on how to get started in the Entertainment Industry!

  • Direct access to your coach Diana Cherubin-Wolfe via email. Responses with in 24hrs!

  • Unlimited Access to the program and all future updates!

  • Tips and tools used by some of the most successful industry professionals!

  • Two free 30min consultations where Diana will help you one-on-one with anything you need pertaining to the program.

  • Over 200 bonus resources strategically chosen to help you succeed!

Meet Your Instructor

Diana Ivelis

Diana Ivelis knows, first-hand, the challenges of having a child who is a talented actor but not knowing how to get them started professionally. Since 2014, she’s been managing her three children in the entertainment industry, moving from their hometown in Pennsylvania to Southern California. With her experience and knowledge of the industry, she’s helped her son land a series regular role on a popular prime-time network television series.

Diana’s innate ability to successfully navigate the industry has led to her becoming a talent agent in Los Angeles—working in the youth department—submitting talented children for amazing opportunities and helping parents understand what is needed for their children to succeed. She is most active in her “Affirm Your Star” Facebook group and YouTube channel where she shares tips, tools and resources that can aid any supportive parent in helping their child become a successful actor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Affirm Your Star Program?

    AYS is an online compilation of organized steps, tips and resources that your coach has learned, acquired and experienced during her time as a agent and manager in the Entertainment Industry. When implemented, the information contained within this program is intended to help you break into the entertainment industry and be prepared, knowledgeable and successful within it!

  • What will I learn from the Affirm Your Star Program?

    The AYS program will prepare aspiring working actors for the entertainment industry while guiding current working actors into the next level of their careers. Anyone with a passion for acting can get started in the industry with this step-by-step program!

  • If the Affirm Your Star Program does not help me, can I get my money back?

    Upon signing up for the AYS program, you have 24hrs to review the information. If you believe that this program will not aide in your success in the industry, email affirmyourstar@gmail.com to request a refund. No explanation required. We are confident that you will see the value immediately after joining the program.

  • How long will I have access to the Affirm Your Star Program?

    You will have lifetime online access which will allow you to study anywhere at anytime. As the program is updated with new information and updates, they will all become available to you at no additional cost!